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Monanday - 28t Juin 2021 - 4 Pomodoro

A fínisht the train model an pit it in 'e gemm

A pit in a map an timetable an aw.

An made it s' thit whan ye chack thaim, a timer stairts. It'll mak sense whan ye actual plat the gemm.

Tuesday - 29t Juin 2021 - 3 Pomodoro

A pit in rinnin AI.

Haed some tribble wi it on Godot 3.3.2, tho, whaur whan thay approached the front door, the gemm stairtit tae slaw tae a crawl and the AI juist ran on 'e spot. Haed tae g' back tae 3.1 fur tae wirk on level 8 the nou untill a kin feegure oot whit is wrang thare. (A'll be uisin 3.3.2 fur ivery ither level, tho.)

Wadnesday - 30t Juin 2021 - 4 Pomodoro

A sortit oot some glitches wi level 5, an hiv commissioned a track fur 'at level.

A fun a new wey tae pack the demo up fur release thit's a lot quicker an easier n' whit a wis daein afore, an am ready tae pit oot an update the morra.

Thursday - 1st Julie 2021 - 1 Pomodoro

A packed up the demo an hiv sent it oot tae Itch an GameJolt. Gaun'ae tak a break fur the rest o the week. Wirk on ma wabsite/capsule an gemm jam games am wirkin on in the site

Friday - 2nt Julie 2021 - 1 Pomodoro

Haed tae g' back tae the gemm tae sort oot some glitches an bug being reportit swift-like. A pit the SSS logo ontaew the menus an aw, an a hink thay mak the gemm leuk wey mair perfaisional!

'At's aw fae 'is week's blog. See yese nixt week!