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Monanday - 26/7/21 - 2 Pomodoro

A stairtit tae wirk on the NPC AI ye hiv tae escort oot in level 7, includin the dialogue at the stairt.

Tuesday - 27/7/21 - 4 Pomodoro

A'v duin pittin aw the props back intae the airport level, the music intae the 5t level, an replaced the polis motors in the 7t level.

Wadnesday - 28/7/21 - 2 Pomodoro

A stairtit tae pit in spawnin AI in Level 8.

Awtho the nou thay cannae kill the NPC an the NPC glitches sometimes...

Thursday - 29/7/21 - 3 Pomodoro

A got the NPC AI tae wirk proper! Afore, it wis g'in throu the flair an waws. The problem wis that the collision box wisnae on... 'At's sortit nou!

Friday – 30/7/21 – 3 Pomodoro

A sortit oot mair code an polisht hings up, pit in objectives for levels 8 an 9.

A pit in some cheats an aw.

‘At’s it fur ‘is week’s blog. See yese nixt week!