Operatioun: Pinkeye Development Blog #132.5

Bi Operation: Pinkeye Updatit on:

Back tae ma ain blog! Teuk a while cause the WP exporter wisnae wirkin, but a got it aw back, an here we ur again!

A teuk a break efter feinishin up the last build, s' thare isnae a lot tae report.

Monanday - 2/8/2021 - 4 Pomodoro

A pit thegither the build. an pit it oot tae testers, an haed tae again, efter wan glarin glitch wis diskivert!

Thursday - 5/8/2021

A'v stairtit daein a wee design o the 11t level. 'At is aw.

'At's aw fae 'is week's blog. See yese nixt week!