Operatioun: Pinkeye Development Blog #134

Bi Operation: Pinkeye Updatit on:

A haed a pouer cut an problems wi COVID, s' a wisnae able tae dae a lot this week.

Monanday - 16/8/21 - 2 Pomodoro

A'v duin the last o the airport level props in Blender, a licht fixtur an a clock.

Tuesday - 17/8/21 - 3 Pomodoro

A pit the licht an clock props intae the gemm.

A pit the new textur tae the train models seen on level 9, still tae import it, tho.

A stairtit modellin level 11 an aw.

Thursday - 19/8/21 - 1 Pomodoro

A pit in the new train textur an new soond effect fur the alarm made bi the soond director.

Friday - 20/8/21 - 1 Pomodoro

A'v pit a bit mair wirk intae the 11t level, an hiv stairtit tae export it tae Godot fur faurer testin.

Seturday - 21/8/21 - 1 Pomodoro

A wis meant tae spend the day at a freend's hoose, bit some faimlie memmers hiv testit positive fur COVID, s' am stuck at the hoose fur a while, S' a'v stairtit tae pit the level intae the gemm

'At's aw fur 'is week's blog. See yese nixt week!