Operatioun: Pinkeye Development Blog #135

Bi Operation: Pinkeye Updatit on:

Monanday - 23/8/21 - 3 Pomodoro

A stairtit pittin in the fort areas intae level 11, an tried tae mak the level itsel feel mair forest-like.

Tuesday - 24/8/21 - 2 Pomodoro

A chynged the mesh a wee bit an pit in a new textur tae try an mak it leuk mair like a forest...

Wadnesday - 25/8/21 - 2 Pomodoro

A decidit tae study hou goleneye maks ye feel as tho ye'r in a forst, an a chynged the textur in ma gemm accordingly, an whit a difference it maks! It actual feels like a forest nou!

Thursday - 26/8/21 - 5 Pomodoro

A chynged the layoot fur the 11t level.

An pit some enemies in.

Friday - 27/8/21 - 2 Pomodoro

A'v duin wi the 11t level fur nou, wey aheid o schedule, s' a stairtit on 'e 12t level.

Seturday - 28/8/21 - 2 Pomodoro

A pit in mair wirk on the level, pittin in biggins an mair streets. This is turnin tae be wan o ma maist ambitious levels yet!

'At's aw fur 'is week's blog. A'll see yese nixt week, whaur a'll feenish aff this build o the gemm an tak a wee break.