Operatioun: Pinkeye Development Blog #136

Bi Operation: Pinkeye Updatit on:

Monanday - 30/8/21 - 4 Pomodoro

A feenisht aff the 12t level, an pit in some enemies fur testin.

A tried tae pit thegither a tutorial level, but a didnae see the pynt gin a coud juist pit in tutorial hints intae level 1. Micht g' back tae it gin it turns oot a actual need wan.

A decidit thit whit a'v got the nou is guid enouch fur pittin oot fur testin, s' a did.

A'm gaun'ae spend the rest o the month pittin doon idea on hou a kin implement Virtua Cop/Confidential Mission presentation/aspects tae the gemm, an pit thegither a wee Game Design Document.

Tuesday - 31/8/21 - 4 Pomodoro

A pit thegither a design document fur the kind o gemm am wantin tae tirn Operatioun: Pinkeye intae. It'll maistly be minor chynges, but significant yins.

Wadnesday - 1/9/21

A pit oot the build tae testers tae git feedback. Nou a kin relax fur a bit! :p

A got feedback fae someb'dy left haundit, sayin the controls chynges didnae apply, a leukit intae the code, an fun it wis a quick fix (Literally juist haed tae tak oot 5 chairacters), an while a testit thit it wirkit (it did), a fun anither glitch whaur cameras kin crash the gemm. A sortit 'at an aw, an am shippin oot the newly updatit demo.

'At's it fur 'is week's blog. See yese nixt week!