Operatioun: Pinkeye Development Blog #137

Bi Operation: Pinkeye Updatit on:

Monanday - 6/9/2021 - 2 Pomodoro

Back in it! A stairtit bi pittin in a crbheilbheil​osshair thit comes in an animates whan ye autoaim tae an enemy.

Tuesday - 7/9/2021 - 3 Pomodoro

A pit the indicator intae the gemm, an a hink it leuks guid!

Juist came up wi an idea fur makkin it shaw the halth o the enemy an aw, s' it'll actual hiv a uise!

Wadnesday - 8/9/2021 - 1 Pomodoro

A pit in the muisic fur levels 6 an 7, an saw thit the AI in level 6 need sortin oot...

Thursday - 9/9/2021 - 2 Pomodoro

Happy American Birthday, Sega Dreamcast!

A did quite a bit the day. A made the targit indicators shaw a different colour tae shaw the targit's halth.

A made AI flicker awa whan thay're deid.

An pit in a "RELOAD" indicator when ye'r oot o ammo.

Friday - 10/9/2021 - 3 Pomodoro

A made a design fur the 13t an 14t levels, an stairti wirkin on the former.

Seturday - 11/9/2021 - 2 Pomodoro

A stairtit tae add mair detail tae the 13t level, efter decidin it wis a guid map tae navigate.

'At's aw fur 'is week's blog, see yese nixt week!