Pinkeye Development Blog #71 - Heichs an laws (bit maistly laws)

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Thursday - 7/5/20 - 4 Pomodoro

A'v been gittin 'e updatit forest level tae wirk in Goldeneye an than Pinkeye.

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Friday - 8/5/20 - 4 Pomodoro

A'v been sortin oot problems wi the AI. A squashit oot some bugs reportit.

Ma motivation fur Pinkeye wis pretty law the nicht, efter playin aboot wi Goldeneye's Moddin tuil, a saw Pinkeye an went like that "Whit's 'e pynt in 'is?". A'm no giein up on it, a'v juist tae fun ma passion fur hit again.

Seturday - 9/5/20 - 4 Pomodoro - 1 Commit

Juist been sortin oot mair bugs reportit bi testers, includin a glitch whaur ye can wawk an aim at the same time, an explosions hurtin hings throu waws.

Tuesday - 12/5/20 - 3 Pomodoro - 1 Commit

A made the AI patrol slawer.


A focused on gittin tae AI tae react proper tae a noise bein made, bit nae luck sae faur.

That's aw fur this week's blog, until nixt week, a'm oot!