Rossies Classic DOS Development Blog #8 - The last yin

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The DOS Game Jam deadline is this Seturday, which means 'is'll be the lest development blog fur 'is gemm.

Monanday - 4/5/20 - 1 Pomodoro

A pit in aw ae the stairtin slides.

Tuesday - 5/5/20 - 1 Pomodoro

A pit in ae the end slides, made the gemm loop aroon hitsel, an gied the player the option tae restairt 'e gemm whan thay're deid, or at ony pairt durin 'e gemm.

Stairtit wirikin on fillin 'e speech bubbles.


Needin tae come up wi ither smaw phrases thit'll fit in 'at.

A'v fínisht the stairt screen an aw.


Tuesday - 6/5/20 - 1+ Pomodoro - 3 Commit

A got the speech bubbles wirkin, pit the hale gemm intae Scots, an pit in a feature thit encourages ye tae replay the gemm a few times.

[gallery ids="11277,11279,11278,11276,11275,11269,11268,11274,11270,11272,11271,11273" type="rectangular" link="file" orderby="rand"]

The gemm is nou submittit on the Game Jam page, sae yese kin nou chack hit oot!

That's aw fur 'is week's blog. That wull be the last we the blog fur Rossies Classic on DOS.

A haed a load ae fun wirkin on this, LoveDOS is a smashin ingine, an made 'e hale hing much eaiser, tho hit is limitit.

Despite 'at, a'm proud ae whit a'v accomplishit! A wad luve tae gie makkin anither DOS gemm a bash wan day. Juist no ony time suin.

A mak Pinkeye Development Blogs, see gin yese still want tae see whit a'm wirkin on.

See yese on thare!