Rossies Classic DOS Development Blog #8.5 - The last yin, an a mean hit this time!

Bi Updatit on:

A ken this a said thit the last blog wad be the last, but a haed tae dae a wee quick update cause somb'dy reportit a bug whaur ye coud still muive aboot an shuit whan ye'r oot ae halth. A tesitit 'is an confirmt hit massel. A quickly patchit hit up.

Whiles a wis thare, a updatit 'e Inglis slides tae specifee thit this was takkin place in Scotland.

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An pit in 'e copyricht an version nummer in 'e title screen, tae mak hit leuk mair proper.

05%u204412%u20442013 35 16